Calico app

eCommerce and membership app design & development

Calico is an apparel and accessories brand which combines fashion and accessories to offer consumers a wide range of stylish clothing and jewelry options. This E-commerce apps offer a multitude of benefits, including product catalog management, shopping cart, checkout processes, personalized recommendations, search functionality, notifications, and secure payment integration, making online shopping efficient and user-friendly. Additionally, it incorporates inventory management, order tracking, and customer reviews to provide transparency and confidence in purchasing decisions.

On the other hand, the app offers various membership tiers, member points saving and redemption, analytics to track member engagement, and the ability to send app push notifications and updates to members, which contributes to enhanced customer engagement and loyalty.

Developed by Digidumpling, Idea App is a platform listing all leisure places and catering services in Hong Kong. Merchants can receive and schedule customers’ booking, as well as update information through admin panel. The app is integrated to social media sites and personal messenger (voice to text) function to provide a user-friendly browsing experience. GPS location and personalized intelligence recommendation are inserted to the app to provide more thoughtful suggestions to users, too.

In this project, our team adopted a joyful theme as the UI rationale with colorful layout. We used navy blue and peach pink as the color tone to provide a strong contrast to attract users’ attention. These strategies are particularly applicable to lifestyle mobile app.

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