PolyU Energy Healing website

Online resources and learning website design & development

This online resources and learning website is designed and developed to offer accessible, interactive, and flexible educational opportunities about energy healing courses. It caters to a diverse audience, providing cost-effective, self-paced learning experiences, and a wide range of content. This platform promotes lifelong learning, professional development, and global knowledge sharing. It also offers tools for tracking progress, fostering a culture of continuous improvement, and enabling institutions and organizations to enhance education and training.

Since 1980s, Wing Fung, as a comprehensive financial group, has provided financial services including precious metal wholesale, bullion margin trading etc. DigiDumpling helped them create the corporate website integrated with membership system and real-time reference price updates. Forex and metal price are dynamic and fluctuate over time, as such we have integrated the website with a third-party plugin to provide live reference prices to Wing Fung's customers. All the products' price will be updated automatically with the live metal and exchange rate. Customers can hover over to view fluctuation in price effortlessly. The financial websites are usually informative that can hardly provide well-round user experience.

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